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About us


    We offer interest free loan to members based on their savings. The maximum credit limit of each applicant for a loan shall be determined as twice the 80% of total savings of the applicant as at the time of the application


    Investment and Dividend SHARING

    • 20% of member’s contribution shall be invested on which members shall get accrued dividends at the end of the financial year



    Focussed SAVING SAVING

    We have provision for members who desire to save towards paying their house rent, children or self-educational fees, hajj and Umrah trip. Members are encouraged to have focussed savings to take care of their needs

    Buying And SELLING

    We engage in buying and selling of consumer and producer goods for distribution to members and non-members; (with priority to members) at fair and reasonable price


    We procure various assets depending on choice and interest of members. Asset includes land properties, cars, okada, kekenapep, sewing machine, laptops, etc


    Members have the opportunity to apply for 80% maximum limit of their savings as part withdrawal.


    Customer Service
    contact us
    Ikeja Grammar School Complex,
    13/14 Oyetayo Street, Bolade Beside,
    Oshodi Local Government Area Office,
    Oshodi Oregun Lagos State.

    +234 8023306622, +234 8023688047
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